Liam Dunne

Former Intercounty Hurler

Former Manager of Wexford Senior Senior Hurling Team

Manager of Oulart the Ballagh
Senior Hurling Team

I have worked with Yvonne  Treacy at senior hurling inter-country level with Wexford and at club-level with Oulart the Ballagh. She conducted workshops and one-to-one support for the players. Yvonne delivered interactive workshops and tailored the information to the players. Yvonne’s work was hugely beneficial to the players and she was a valued member of our sport science support team. Yvonne has excellent attention to detail and inspired complete co-operation and buy-in from a diverse group of adult players. I would recommend Yvonne to any individual or sports teams. I hope to work with her again.

Peter Queally

Manager of Roanmore Senior Hurling Team

As  part of our professional approach to our sport, we decided to seek out a nutritionist at the beginning of this year. I asked a renowned sports trainer to recommend someone to me and he gave me the name of Yvonne Treacy. Yvonne came into our set up last February and met each player. All our team members and back room staff have been blown away by the professionalism, enthusiasm and input that Yvonne has made to our team. She had a very keen interest in every player, giving each one detailed feedback. It was very noticeable from an early stage, that the work that Yvonne was doing with the players was making a big difference. Some players needed to lose weight and achieved their goals and others needed to gain muscle and saw great results also. What sets Yvonne apart from previous nutritionists that I worked with is her interest in the team. Yvonne attended all our games and was great at supplying pre, during and post match snacks to all the players in an effort to get the extra mile out of them. I would highly recommend Yvonne in any such role,

Davy Fitzgerald

Manager of Wexford Senior Hurling Team

Creator of Ireland’s Fittest Family

Eddie Scally

Manager of Black and Whites Intermediate Hurling

Blacks & Whites GAA club have used Yvonne Treacy Nutrition since November 2018 and have found bringing Yvonne’s expertise to our club has given us an extra edge over our opposition. The use of Yvonne’s programmes and the monitoring of progress from our players has been key in delivering results on the field for our team. Communication between Yvonne, management and players has been fantastic and played a huge part in the buy-in from all involved. We are delighted to have worked with Yvonne for the past two seasons and are already looking forward to 2021.

Willie Cleary

Manager of Naomh Eanna Senior Hurling

Yvonne was fantastic to work with and an integral cog in our wheel. She takes a genuine, detailed and caring interest in each player. She brings huge expertise and professionalism in a relaxed manner. Every player would credit Yvonne for improving their performance and recovery throughout the year.

Brendan Whelan

Manager of Waterford Senior Football Team


Rianna Jarrett

for the42.ie

International Striker for Ireland and Brighton

Former Wexford Youths Player

“If her display against Ukraine suggested that Jarrett has taken her game to the next level, she believes “the turning point” was her decision to employ the services of nutritionist Yvonne Treacy earlier this year.”

Kylie Murphy

for the42.ie

Captain of Wexford Youths

“My regime this year in comparison to two or three years ago is completely different. Every year, I find I’m working harder to keep up and to stay there. But I’m feeling good and fit. I’m close to 32 now and I feel like I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been since I started. So that has to say something about what I’m doing away from training. My diet and my recovery, they’re so huge. I could bounce away from a game years ago and not be bothered the next day. But I feel like now it’s taking that extra day for my body to recover and the tiredness, you feel it. It’s a given with age, it happens, it’s going to happen to everybody. It’s just how you manage it. I’m really lucky, I’ve some really good people in around me helping and I’m putting in the work as well.”

Darragh O’Connor

Leicester City Player

I came to Yvonne off the recommendation from Rianna Jarrett. Coming to Yvonne, I hadn’t a clue what carbs, proteins and fats were. I had tried to do a bit of research but couldn’t get my head around it. Yvonne was able to tell me exactly what was what, which helped me fuel my body with the right stuff. Even the little thing about the 20 minute rule after training. Yvonne has helped me be able to live a healthier lifestyle. Working with Yvonne was so easy and I’d recommend her to everyone. Every question I had in relation to food, she knew the answer straight away. Thank you!

Linda Bolger

Senior Camogie Player

Yvonne has been absolutely fantastic and all of her help and advice has really helped to optimise my preparation for big matches to ensure that I can perform to my best. Previously I would have thought that I had a reasonably good diet and good eating habits but advice from Yvonne in relation to different food types that I should include in my diet, the timing of my meals, portion size, hydration levels, supplements etc. has really helped me.

Thanks to Yvonne I now feel fuelled right up to the end of matches.  Before, I would have generally eaten three big meals during my day, your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner and often felt drained of energy in the last 10 minutes of games. I’ve now reduced the size of my meals and increased the number of meals I have across the day meaning that I now have a good level of energy throughout the full day, and especially in the last few minutes of matches, when I really need to be able to maintain my performance. Her advice on post-training nutrition means that I now recover much faster after training sessions and matches.

One thing for sure is that the advice that Yvonne gives is based on the most up to date research in the field. Her professionalism is second to none but yet she is so approachable. All you have to do is pick up the phone and she’ll help in any way she can, be it giving advice on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how to source supplements/certain foods, where is best to source them from, how to maximise energy stores during sessions etc. She is fantastic at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get the most from their food, be it eat healthier, optimise body composition, feel more energetic or improve performance.

Tom Cousins


It doesn’t matter how well prepared you think you are. It doesn’t matter how much training you have done. It doesn’t matter how well you think you know your own body. The fact is simple. There is always room for improvement. We should always be looking to get that little something extra, for me Yvonne Treacy provided that. I come from a predominantly GAA background and over the past 18 months, I had decided to give Triathlon a proper go. I love running, and although the cycling and swimming is tough, I found it was a fantastic balance to have in training. With that I decided upon my race- the Half Ironman in Edinburgh (1.9k swim, 90k bike and 21k run).

My training was going great, but I needed that extra something, so the next step was to get my nutrition right. Without fuel, I would be running on empty, and with the volume of training I was doing it was essential I got it right. This was where Yvonne stepped in, and not only did my training and race times improved, but I felt far more energetic in my day to day life too! Once I contacted Yvonne, everything fell seamlessly into place. After a number of emails we had our first consultation. Yvonne left no stone unturned, and by doing so allowed me to have a detailed look at how I fuel for my training, when I fuel, and what fuel I needed. I went to the consultation with a number of questions, but Yvonne had done so much research in advance that she answered every query I had before I even asked. What really impressed me was that she didn’t use generic terms, but her consultation was geared specifically to me. We looked at everything from the amount of training I was doing to my weight, height, and age. We looked in detail at when I train, and in turn what time I should be fuelling my body to maximise the return my body can give to me.

When I left that meeting I felt I was ready. Very often going into races or matches we worry about little things- nutrition is very often one of those little worries. Although this race was going to take me around 5 hours, not once did I have to worry about my nutrition. Yvonne worked out a plan and advised me on what worked best for me. However it was Yvonne’s constant feedback in the weeks and months after the consultation that I was most impressed with. She was constantly in contact with me, and through metrifit she monitored my progress and wellbeing closely. This was fantastic reassurance to have, and it also allowed me to become far more self-conscious and understand my own body better.

So onto race day. Up at 4am for breakfast, we entered to water at 7am. The race itself was amazing. It was tough going on the bike, but stepping off the bike and slipping into my runners I felt amazing. I knew I would have a fantastic run, and thanks to Yvonne I knew I had aced my race day nutrition. That is the confidence Yvonne gives you, and as I was passing people for the half marathon I was smiling and loving life. What an experience. I ran my last mile in 6 mins and felt like I could have gone around again! Like I said at the beginning of this piece, there is always room for improvement. For me Yvonne gave me that extra edge and confidence going into my races. Whether it’s racing, GAA or simply getting your nutrition right to live a better lifestyle, I would highly recommend Yvonne. I will look forward to working with her again.


Professor Stephen Fallows

Lecturer for the MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science Programme at the University of Chester

Yvonne was a part-time student for the MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science (Dublin programme) and formally completed her studies in Spring 2020. For her MSc, Yvonne studied the following modules:

  • Physiology and Physical Performance
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Exercise and Health

In addition to the above modules, Yvonne undertook a personal research project leading to submission of a portfolio of project papers (literature review, project report and associated appendices). During her time with the University of Chester Yvonne was a diligent student who completed the assigned work to deadline, to the required standard and with minimum of fuss.  The nature of our MSc programmes requires students to demonstrate talents of independent learning and Yvonne riose to this challenge.

Yvonne has a pleasant and friendly personality and is perpetually cheerful and smiling; she works well with her peers and with all others with whom she comes into contact. I recommend Yvonne to you as a candidate for registration with SENR.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.