Sports Nutrition

Over the past number of years I have worked in the field of sports nutrition. I have worked with individual athletes with individual goals and indeed with groups of athletes involved in team sports. Sports nutrition is specific to the demand of the sport and therefore one plan does not fit all.

Whether you are part of a team or an induvial athlete I can help you to achieve optimal nutrition which will benefit your performance both in competition and in life. The plan is not specific to elite athletes it can be tailored to whatever level you are at right now with your specific goal in mind when the plan is being prepared.

The Team Plan- On Season

On completion of the team plan questionnaire the following will be provided for your team

  • A 20- minute presentation on sports nutrition, giving a basic introduction on the importance of nutrition in performance
  • Phase 1 – Clean up meal plan and Introduction to nutrient timing (4 weeks), with online support to all athletes
  • Phase 2 – Online consultation with each athlete for 15minutes. Prepared meal plan for athletes depending on their goals with advice provided on how to achieve these goals
  • Booklet for all athletes with guidance on how to use nutrition as a tool in performance
  • Ergogenics and supplement plan for all athletes where necessary
  • Off season meal plan
  • Weekly check-ins with athletes
  • Weekly Check-ins with backroom team and management on the athlete’s performance

The Individual- 6-week plan

On completion of the athlete questionnaire with specifics of sporting background

  • 20-minute zoom consultation
  • A complete meal plan for off and on-season
  • Nutrient timing
  • Hydration plan
  • Ergogenic and supplement plan
  • Weekly check-in