So we are all well used to home schooling by now and its probably come to the stage where stress levels are at an all time high.
Here’s a few tips that might help alleviate those feelings of “my life will never return to normal”!

  1. You are not a teacher, you are a parent (being a parent comes first). We are under enough pressure looking after our children & teenagers to take on the extra steps of teaching.
    B. Your job is merely make sure your child turns up for zoom classes and is allocated time to do his or her homework.
  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you do nothing in relation to schooling, of course help with homework as you would usually have done and if your child is struggling with zoom class, certainly help but not to the point where you feel you need to retrain and your stress levels are through the roof.
    B. Email the teacher, tell her/him your concerns. These people are fully trained and understand the stress that homeschooling brings. And you can be sure you won’t be the first parent to make contact. Chances are other parents are expressing the same issues, so the teacher more than likely has a good solution to your problem. And remember “Parent first”!
  1. Timing is key! If you haven’t done so already get a timetable on the wall. This needs to include school times, breaks, homework or study time and free time for you and for your children. Stick to this! If homework is not done in the specified time, leave it unfinished. Your child or teenager can revisit if he/she gets time.
    Quick story about my experience. One of my children was having difficulty with school homework. We spent hours at it, every single day. To the point we barely spoke to each other when we got up from the table. I expressed my concerns to numerous teachers and most of the time, unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. Until one day, I totally lost it at a PT meeting. Thankfully this teacher, after going through s**t for years with my child and homework, said to stop this immediately. He gave me specific times it should take to do homework based on my child’s class.

Lots of research worth reading on homework
View this and others for free on Sci hub

Timetable should include and stick it on the fridge:
Include Mon to fri
Time breakfast
Time school starts
Time break
Time school starts
Time break
Time school finishes
Time break (break for the rest of the evening of no homework)
Free time for parents (this is vital)
Its no harm to include the weekend, bulk cooking, chores at home, something nice to do, movie night, resting and chilling time, time for friends (calls and zooms)
Break & Meal Times
If you feel like you are in the kitchen all day every day then its time to rethink what your doing.
Think of meals that can be prepped in bulk so you don’t need to prepare every day.
Over night oats is ideal to start the day. You can make up enough for 4 days. See recipe
Egg muffins. These are a handy breakfast or snack. Again you can make up enough for 4 days.
Cereal and milk – Do not feed your children sugary cereals as it will lead to your children feeling tired throughout the day. (Sugar Sg or less per 1 00g).

Eggs with wholegrain toast.
Think again, handy but nutritionally good Mixed nuts
Rice cakes with nut butter
Fruit or Chopped raw veg
Low sugar cereal
Egg muffins
Wholegrain bread filled with lean meat, cheese or salad.
Again bulk cook here and freeze. Allocate 2 hours per week to cook up a storm and freeze. This will save a mountain of time in the long run on cleaning pots and pans.
Chilli con carne
Steak teriyaki
Shepherds pie
If you could cook enough to get you through to friday and then leave the weekend, if you can for easy cooking. And try get everyone involved over the weekend. I know easier said that done .. thats why I said “try”
Create a room or area thats for schooling. If your children are all over the place then trust me so will you! Books, parings from pencils, tipex on worktops will only, eventually wreck your head.
If you have a designated area for school work this will prevent the arguments over time.
Tip: Don’t have your child’s workdesk looking out a window. The only thing they will have learned by the end of the day is the movements of your neighbor’s. And if you don’t have neighbor’s trust me they’ll have learned about everything about anything to do with homework.
The area for homework needs to be somewhere different than where the student normally relaxes. Its just to tempting to chill on the bed or lie on the couch. If you don’t have an option and the bedroom is the only space, well just go with it. Open windows and air the room in the morning and at every break time. During breaktimes try to get your child to go outside for a bit. Fresh air works wonders for the brain.
The most important thing I would hope you would take from this is that “You are a parent first”. If school work is stressing you and your child or children change the way you approach it. Get help from your school. Also its important to remember that your child might be stressing to over the massive change to their lives too.

Keep yourself as healthy mentally and physically as you can. Eat well, exercise, take time for yourself. Everyone in your life will benefit from you being healthy.
Know this …

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