About Me

I have always been very passionate about the food we eat and the effect it plays on our health in both a positive and negative way. I studied Ecological Toxicology for a number of years after which time I began to work in the food industry. Over my 20 years in service I observed the rapid change in eating habits and indeed the worrying increase in the prevalence of obesity, and the diseases that accompany it.
As a qualified Nutritional Therapist and sports therapist (Dip Nut, Dip Sports Nut, and currently doing an MSc in exercise and nutrition) I work with both individuals and teams on weight loss/gain, nutrition related diseases and the benefits of food as a sports enhancer.
Over the past 3 years from when I first began to work in nutrition it became very clear to me that the biggest problem with nutrition was the lack of knowledge relating to food. One diet does not fit all and it’s crucial that we avoid removal of particular food groups without good reason. Tailored plans for individual needs and lifestyles result in success and overall improvement in health and well being.
Through the correct diet and exercise plan improvements can be seen in conditions such as diabetes, skin disorders, weight management, high cholesterol, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and IBS.
I also work with a number of recreational athletes wishing to improve on performance safely, in addition to team sports. I have given numerous presentations and I am currently the senior nutritionist with the County Wexford Camogie team.
With my blog I intend to bring evidence based information on various food, herbs, spices etc. and I hope you find them both helpful and interesting. I love to hear from like-minded people and if I can be of any assistance feel free to drop me a line.

Great health & fitness to you all,